School Rules and Discipline


Children’s health is of our concern. Before admission, parents are required to submit a health report signed by the physician. If the school finds a child to be sick or is suspected of carrying an infectious disease, according to Health Department’s prevention of infectious diseases transmission procedures, parents will be notified immediately. Parents are then advised to take their child home for treatment; both for his/her own safety as well as that of others.

Temperature Checking: Every morning before arriving at school, parents are required to take their child’s temperature. Should your child feel unwell or sickly, please consult a doctor and/or stay at home to rest and recover.

Medication Authorization: We do not feed medication to children during school hours; however, under certain circumstances, if a child requires medication, please complete and hand in the Medication Authorization Form which can be downloaded from our school website. Be sure to provide clear instructions on how the medicine should be taken. (For full day students only).

Leave of Absence: Please notify our schools by filling online leave application when your child is sick, or will be absent from school.

Health Diet Policy: Should parents wish to share snacks with other students during parties and outings, our schools do not accept nor recommend the following items; candies, chocolate, soft drinks, small jelly cups and nuts etc.


Child Safety

Jewellery: For safety purposes, please do not allow your child to wear any jewellery to school including necklaces, chains, bangles, watches etc.

Injury Report: During school hours, if a child is hurt or sick, whether or not the school decides to send him or her to a hospital depends on each individual case. In general cases, the school will assign staff with the First Aid Certificate to clean and handle any wounds. Information about the injury will then be sent home to parents via the Injury Report. A copy of this record will be signed and filed into the students’ personal file as well as our Main Office for follow up if necessary.

Parental Involvement

  • We welcome and value all our parents' feedback and updates on their child's development. Parents are also welcome provide advice or educational resources through various channels including parent-teacher meeting, emails or telephone calls.
  • Parental participation in school activities is strongly encouraged. From these activities, parents can become a greater part of their child's school life, as well as taking this chance as an opportunity to get to know other parents and class teachers better.
  • The Reading Tree Scheme is designed for children from Junior to Pre-Primary levels. We would like to ask parents to be fully involved in their child's reading development.
  • We invite and encourage all parents to participate and help prepare for school birthday parties for your children. However, please ensure that all preparations are in line with our school regulations.
  • The Parents' Club is designed to strengthen the communication and bond between parents and the school, facilitating in the dissemination of Early Childhood Education news and updates. Members will benefit from discounted prices on selected educational toys and books, as well as priority consideration in all our activities organized by the Parents' Club. Please note that free membership is offered to our student's parents; however registration is still necessary.

School Closure

At the beginning of the school year, a school calendar will be issued to every student detailing every holiday and special event. Should there be any further changes in the calendar, parents/guardians will be notified of such changes.

In the case of tropical cyclones and persistent heavy rain, parents should listen to the radio or television announcements given by the Education Bureau to advise parents on whether or not to send their children to school.

Both the Nursery and the Kindergarten will be closed in Typhoon Signal no. 3 or above, or if a Red Rainstorm warning is hoisted. For children’s safety, when the Red Rainstorm warning is hoisted, all school buses will be cancelled.

Dress Code

All students must wear a complete set of school uniform to school every day. Please note that all uniform should be worn neatly, with white underwear, white socks and white sport shoes without laces or prints. School jackets and sweaters are available for purchase to suit all your seasonal needs. Please label all your child’s belongings, including their uniform.

Arrivals and Departures

We encourage our students to arrive at school on time in order to develop their time management skills.

For student’s safety, adults must present their Tivoli Student Card during pick up time in order to collect their child. In exceptional circumstances, when the card is not available, no child will be released from school to any person without either verbal or written parental authorization.

Should the Student Card be lost, please notify our school as soon as possible, and we will issue another card for $10.00.

If parents/guardians are late for pickups, please notify our school so we may confidently reassure your child.

Lunch(For Full Day Class Only)

Nutritious meals for children attending the full-day program will be provided, which are approved by the EDB. For parental reference, a copy of our menus is placed in all of our school’s reception area. Due to different school policies and requirements, for our Kindergarten section, lunch will be provided by qualified suppliers, for our Nursery section, lunch will be provided by the nursery itself.


In order to treat all students fairly and to match with the learning activities, all snacks will be provided by our school, and no homemade snacks will be allowed unless requested by teachers for special purposes or events.

Nap time

Full day students are able to enjoy a relaxing and recuperating nap time during their school day. This rest time is considered extremely important for children as it offsets both mental and physical fatigues and refreshes them for afternoon activities.

For hygiene purposes, each student will be asked to bring in his/her own sleeping kit, which should include a blanket, a bed cover and a pillow, available for purchase from our school. The sleeping kit will be left in school during the school week and will be sent home for washing at the end of every school week. Parents should also prepare a toothbrush, a plastic cup and a towel and towel box for all full day children.


A signed authorization will be required from parents during our admission registration that authorizes us to take your child on outdoor activities, exchange activities within our Tivoli schools, photos and videos and to hospital in case of an emergency. This record and authorization will be kept in your child’s student file for the entirety of their kindergarten years.

Financial Arrangements

Tuition is payable in advance on or before the last working day of each calendar month by automatic deduction from your bank. Please note that if the tuition is delayed, a service charge will be required by the bank.

No credit on tuition will be given for schedule school holidays and vacation periods.

No refunds can be made for absences or low monthly attendance rates.


Should you wish to withdraw your child from our schools, please provide a written notice at least 30 days in advance, or the next month’s school fee in full.


Should there be any amendments or changes to these policies, parents will be notified.