Rules and Guidelines for Parent Volunteers

We warmly welcome voluntary help in school from parents. The following guidelines are designed to support parent volunteers when you work in school. Please read the guideline carefully and follow them.


1. Responsibility of Parents to your Child(ren)

In order for children to understand and get used to their parent helping in school, parents should make it clear in advance that you are going to be there to help out for the activity. Parents should not give your child(ren) special treatment or extra attention when you are volunteering at school.


2. Preparations

According to the School’s Health Regulation, visitors are required to check the body temperature and change into indoor shoes when you come into school.

Food and drink are not permitted during school hours. Please remember to bring a pair of clean indoor shoes and your own water to school.


3. Volunteer Attitude

Parent volunteers should be positive, fair and respectful to all individuals when you are volunteering at school. Every child is unique, so please do not compare children with others.


4. Confidentiality

It is vital that all parent volunteers who are working in the school respect student confidentiality. Please remember that you should not disclose any information or comment on the ability or behaviour of children that you work with in school to any other person. Parent volunteers should adopt high standards of personal conduct and respect the privacy of others. All documents (including internal documents and teachers’ notes) should not be read without permission.


5. Volunteer Commitment

Parent volunteers have to be aware of their own behaviour and act as role models for the children. Parent volunteers should also be polite and supportive when encouraging children’s positive behaviour.