MS. LINDA FONG (Child Care Center Supervisor for Tivoli International Playschool)

My name is Linda Fong and I am the Child Care Centre Supervisor for Tivoli International Playschool.  I have been a part of the Tivoli family since it was established back in 1996 and I feel truly blessed to have witnessed and helped in the growth and development of this caring and unique organisation.  Teaching is not just a job; it requires both an emotional and physical commitment to the young minds we are helping to mature.  I have been in the very fortunate position of seeing my fellow teachers and colleagues blossom into the confident and capable professional they are today.  We learn from each other every day and I am constantly inspired by their passion for teaching.


I fully trust and support Tivoli’s teaching methods and approaches to Early Childhood Education, to the point where I happily enrolled my own two daughters here for their pre-school experience.  They are both now attending international schools (year one and year ten) and have transited very well.  My 14 year old always says she is a “proud Tivoli kid”!