Features of our School-Based Curriculum

We have adopted a school-based curriculum for years. Although it requires more time, training and preparation from our teachers, our years of experience has continuously helped us to hone and refine our school-based curriculum framework to suit the needs of our students. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our school-based curriculum, each year, we select one theme to present at our annual Open Day to share our learning and teaching experiences.

A core component of our curriculum is the Healthy Homework, which was first introduced in 2004. Unlike traditional drilling exercises, our Healthy Homework initiative provides children with the opportunity to extend their learning to the home. Our young learners develop autonomy by involving their family in explorative and fun tasks, taking learning out of the school and into their lives. 

To offer better support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students in learning Chinese, our Anglo-Chinese branch (local curriculum) participates in the "Student Support Programme for NCS Students". Funded by the Education Bureau, the program is organized by the Faculty of Chinese at Chinese University of Hong Kong and provides teacher training to help NCS students learn Chinese effectively. Moreover, we have adapted Professor S. K Tse's (2006) "Chinese Character Education (高效識字法)" and developed our school-based Chinese learning strategy to make Chinese learning fun and interesting for our students.

Our Anglo-Chinese branch (local curriculum) has designed its own Chinese and English curriculum. In addition to Healthy Homework and project-based learning , we employ elements of Kindermusik and Sunshine Books so that children can acquire vocabulary and phonics skills naturally through songs and stories.

Learning & Teaching Sharing

School Year Level Subject Theme Content
2018/19 K1 Language development & learning --- PDF (Chinese only)
K2 Constructive learning Healthy Eating PDF (Chinese only)
K3 STEAM Education We're Going On An Adventure PDF (Chinese only)